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Cheryl says:

I'm anorexic, you guys are so skinny. Lol love it, keep up the good work.

debbie says:

I'd like to be thinner, but sick is not what I'd want. I think the problem stems to lack of personal value. And any attention is better then no attention. I also think they lack self esteem. It is an illness, once weight loss has gone to far, when you're out of control. I hope these people get help and can safety put on enough weight to be thin and health.

sierra says:

i am really and truly sorry

ego says:

gals talk to someone who will help you feel good about yourself in other words someone you trust and who loves you

ego says:

they should talk to someone who will tell them to eat in a advisable way

runnancie says:

My anorexia was tyacry

Nancie says:

skiiny it controls my eules

Anonamous says:

This is a messed up world all you ladies you ... need some serious help ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Why ask you that question why ? But realy get real fat is the new skinny get with it :D

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